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Nissan Batteries

Nissan Battery Service Flowers Nissan Thomasville GA


If you are experincing issues with your battery or if your vehicle is running sluggish, it is indeed a good idea to contact our Flowers Nissan service department for assistance.  They will be able to schedule a technician to diagnose and address the problem with your vehicle.

At a Nissan dealership like ours, you can rest assured our technicians have experience and expertise and training in working with Nissan vehicles, including battery replacements.  They are familiar with the specific requirements and intricacies of Nissan vehicles, which allows them to provide accurate and efficient service. 

To address battery-related issues or any other concerns you may have with your Nissan vehicle, please contact the Flowers Nissan service department direcly. Our service team will guide you through the process of scheduling and appointment and assist you with your vehicle needs.


Your car's battery plays a crucial role in providing the necessary electrical power to start your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. It serves as a source of stored chemical energy that is converted into electrical energy, allowing various electrical components in the vehicle to function. Here's a closer look at how a car battery works:

Chemical reaction: Inside the battery, a chemical reaction occurs between the battery's positive and negative terminals, usually made of lead and lead dioxide immersed in an electrolyte solution, typically sulfuric acid. This chemical reaction produces electrons, which are the basis of electrical energy.

Powering the starter: When you turn the ignition key, electrical energy from the battery is sent to the starter motor. The starter motor then engages the engine's flywheel, which initiates the combustion process and starts the engine.

Stabilizing voltage: While the engine is running, the alternator takes over the responsibility of generating electrical energy and recharging the battery. However, the battery still plays a crucial role in stabilizing the voltage supply to the electrical system. It helps prevent voltage spikes or drops, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply to the engine, ignition system, lights, electronics, and other electrical components.

Power reserve: Additionally, the battery serves as a power reserve for situations when the alternator may not be producing enough electrical energy. For example, when the engine is off, or during high-demand scenarios where the electrical load exceeds the alternator's capacity, the battery steps in to provide the necessary power temporarily.

Despite its relatively small size, the car battery's role in powering the vehicle is indeed significant. It's essential to maintain your battery's health by regularly checking its condition, ensuring proper charging, and replacing it when necessary to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Remember, if you experience any issues with your car battery or have concerns about its performance, please call our service team at Flowers Nissan for assistance.